Corinne’s help and support was truly invaluable throughout the entire process. From the prenatal visits to everything she did to help me through the, at times very challenging, labor process, she was there to help educate, motivate, encourage and just listen to my needs. Corinne made the experience so much better for me and my family.



Since this was our first child, we weren’t sure what to expect, so having the additional support of a labor doula during delivery was a blessing.  The best thing about the experience was knowing that Lena and Corinne were prepared to take as large or small a role in the labor process as we were comfortable with. We are so thankful to have had Lena and Corinne with our family throughout the childbirth process.
~L and C


Abby joined us for our fourth birth, and it was so great to have her by our side.   She had a very quiet and calm guiding presence during our birth.  Abby really watched and listened and knew when to step in and help, or just let my husband and I be one.  It was a truly great experience with Abby by our side.
 ~J and C