Postpartum doula

Postpartum doulas visit the family after birth and may assist in breast-feeding, sibling care, and light housecleaning. Just as important, we provide emotional and informational support as parents integrate a new member into their family. We may come every day, every other day, or a few times a week, for a period ranging from a few weeks to several months, depending on your needs.

Postpartum services include

Breastfeeding Support
All of our doulas have received training on how to support and encourage breastfeeding and to recognize common obstacles to successful breastfeeding. Lena and Corinne have both pursued additional training in lactation education and support. Additionally, we have referrals to IBCLC-certified Lactation Counselors for more challenging situations.

New Baby Care
We will help you in the first few weeks as you get to know your baby’s rhythms and needs. Whether it’s bathing, swaddling, diapers, or bottle-feeding, we will help you develop confidence in your ability to meet your newborn’s needs.

Soothing Skills & Infant Massage
Our postpartum doulas will help you tune in to your newborn’s communication signals so that you can become more confident in your ability to meet his or her needs. Learn a variety of soothing skills, as well as infant massage techniques that can help calm a colicky baby as well as deepen the bond with your little one.

Baby Wearing
Cascadia Birth Services has a wide variety of ring slings, pouches, wraps and carriers and can help you select the ones that will be most comfortable for you. We will also show you how to safely carry your baby.

Sibling Care
Lena has over ten years of experience working with children of all ages, and as postpartum doula, can offer sibling care while parents are in the home. She can also address concerns you may have about integrating a new baby into the family.

Light Housekeeping
We are happy to help with dishes and start a load of laundry for you (there will be lots!). If you find that you are needing more regular household help beyond dishes and laundry, we’d be happy to refer you to local housekeepers.

Meal Planning and Preparation
Let us know what your dietary restrictions are, give us a grocery list, and we will pick up your groceries for you on our way to your home and will assist in meal preparation. We also can help you coordinate a Meal Train, in which friends and family provide pre-cooked dishes on regularly scheduled nights.


We charge an hourly fee of $18-20 for postpartum services, with a 3-hour minimum for each session.  This ensures that we are able to fully support the needs of mamas and babies during our time together. Night-time care is also available, with a 6 hour minimum per session.