Abby Malman

My Philosophy:


I fully support the mom and partner in any decision they make, without judgment. As a doula, I am there to help a family navigate birth, and help achieve healthy birth outcomes. I love working with so many different families of all cultural backgrounds, as birth is truly universal. I love the uniqueness each pregnancy entails, and am honored to be a part of this special time in a family’s life.

My Background:

My path to becoming a doula began four years ago when I was involved in a women’s book club.  While I was a member, I came to realize that my true ideals and passions aligned with other members who were interested in midwifery, gynecology and holistic health. Being a part of this book club, and surrounding myself with women who were passionate about birth and holistic women’scare helped me realize that this was not only a passion for me, but could be a career path as well. As I learned more about the role of a doula, something deeply resonated with me. I have always had a strong desire to support people through different processes so being a doula and supporting families through pregnancy and labor seemed like a great fit.  I am grateful that I learned from a young age that birth is a powerful, natural process.  I have always had an interest in women’s health, and the innate sense of power and strength women have during labor.

What clients say about Abby:

Abby joined us for our fourth birth, and it was so great to have her by our side.   She had a very quiet and calm guiding presence during our birth.  Abby really watched and listened and knew when to step in and help, or just let my husband and I be one.  It was a truly great experience with Abby by our side.
As a first-time mother, the thought of going through the birthing experience with my husband, who also had no prior labor/delivery experience, frightened me. I knew I would be having a hospital birth, and that my midwife, whom I had seen for all my pre-natal care, would not be in the labor/delivery room. That’s when I knew I wanted a doula. I met Abby and immediately felt at ease. Her calm voice and deep knowledge of the pre-labor, birthing, and postpartum process made me feel confident and less anxious in my role as a to-be mother. The prenatal visits at my home were in-depth: I felt listened to and never judged for my preferences (I wanted an epidural as an option, but also wanted to try some alternative pain management techniques as well-I ended up using the tub and getting an epidural.) Abby helped me edit my birth plan, and practice pain management techniques. She was on-call for me at 38 weeks, and texted/called me to check-in, and was even there for me during 2 different “false alarm” calls, with one being a trip to the hospital (which she met us there.) just knowing that Abby was a phone call away was very calming. During the birthing experience, Abby was right there with my husband, talking me through the pain, and helping me when I got my epidural. During the pushing stage, she helped physically support me in a position that worked for me. After the birth of our daughter, Abby did a postpartum appointment at my house, where we talked about breastfeeding (and how hard it was) and continued checking in with me weeks afterward as I dealt with a bad latch/tongue tie challenges. Although many people thought I didn’t need a doula because I had a hospital birth, I honestly believe my birth experience was so positive/enjoyable to look back on because of Abby and how she worked with my husband and I to make this our unique birthing experience, putting our wishes/preferences first and ultimately helping my husband and I feel empowered in this process.


Training and Education:

Human Rights in Childbirth Presentation, Hermine Hayes-Klein, Freedom For Birth, 2013

DONA Labor Doula training, Portland OR DONA, 2012

Birth Support Network Planning Committee member, Portland OR Birth Support Network

Rebozo workshop with Gena Kirby, Portland OR Gena Kirby , 2013

Bachelor’s degree in Family & Human Services, University of Oregon,  2011

Nursing Mothers Peer Counselor Training, Portland OR Nursing Mother’s Counsel,  2013

Waterbirth Certification Workshop at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital with Barbara Harper RN, CD, CCE, Waterbirth International, 2013